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Call for disabled internet revolt

March 10, 2006

Being nice has achieved little – – By Mark Ballard – The Register – The Disability Rights Commission plans to call upon disabled internet users to rise up against inaccessible website owners and help it take complaints with the force of law.

The rabble-rousing message will be broadcast by the DRC following the launch of new guidelines to amend what it says are limitations in the WAI accessibility standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium . (more…)

Bloor: Usability and accessibility in 2006

January 4, 2006

Peter AbrahamsLogo for Bloor Research By: Peter Abrahams, Practice Leader View Profile – Bloor Research – Published: 4th January, 2006 – Happy New Year and a successful 2006 to all my readers. Having recently set up the new Accessibility Practice at Bloor it seems only right that I should stick my neck out and make some predictions for 2006. (more…)